CODE WHITE provides premier cyber security services to its clients and has its own approach to information security:
uncompromising realism.

Intelligence Driven Security

CODE WHITE seasoned experts introduce the attacker's point of view and simulate highly capable, real-world attackers by using their current tactics, tools and procedures.

The holistic approach of CODE WHITE helps clients by augmenting their internal view of the security posture (→ Compliance Driven Security) with that of a professional attacker (→ Intelligence Driven Security). This enables a better understanding of how real attacks will affect them and which defensive efforts are the most effective ones. All available systems, applications and information are always in focus.

Compliance Driven Security

  • Limited view from the inside
  • Security certifications
  • Compliance standards
  • Legal requirements


Intelligence Driven Security

  • Holistic view from the outside
  • Realistic mindset of attackers
  • Exploitable attack paths
  • Relevant vulnerabilities only

Modern corporations’ attack surface is continuously exposed to attacks. CODE WHITE constantly monitors the client’s attack surface for security-relevant changes and vulnerabilities. Clients are pro-actively notified with actionable information about issues the moment they arise. Since only relevant issues are reported, these notifications are “all signal – no noise”. The independent evaluation of the client’s security posture allows CODE WHITE to assess the effectiveness of defensive efforts and to advance strategies that matter.

Based on this INTELLIGENCE DRIVEN SECURITY approach, CODE WHITE offers two exclusive services:

Initial Assessment

The INITIAL ASSESSMENT (INI) simulates a real cyber attack in the form of a holistic RedTeam scenario. The purpose is to understand the approach of real attackers, to gain transparency about how vulnerable an enterprise currently is and to gauge its level of defense. This approach helps to significantly improve resilience against real threat actors.

Identify & exploit vulnerabilities in the complete internet footprint (including phishing)

Move laterally & compromise neuralgic IT systems and administrative accounts

Avoid detection, establish persistence, exfiltrate data and point out business risks

Generate extensive documentation of the attacks done including precise & strategic recommendations

Security Intelligence Service

The continuous SECURITY INTELLIGENCE SERVICE (SIS) offers continuous support from an attacker’s perspective. The relevant attack surface is constantly and carefully assessed, exploitable vulnerabilities are reported expeditiously and emerging threats are announced immediately.

An INITIAL ASSESSMENT typically leads to a partnership with CODE WHITE wherein the SECURITY INTELLIGENCE SERVICE provides “the hacker at the table” for an extended duration. Within such a partnership, clients have access to specialized services including but not limited to RedTeam assessments, threat intelligence, penetration tests, product security reviews or customized training. This helps clients stay ahead of threats and sustainably improve their security resilience level over time.

About us

CODE WHITE was founded in 2014 as a boutique company of highly-skilled and certified RedTeam experts. Today, our team of exceptional hackers combines more than 305 years of hands-on experience in real-world projects, holds relevant technical certifications (like OSCP, OSCE, OSEE, OSWE, RedTeamOperator) and has gained repute within the security community, among clients and beyond. Based on a sharply focused service portfolio, clients worldwide are served by permanent, internal employees from office locations in Ulm and Mannheim, Germany.
established 2014
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"hackers at the table"
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